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Many things can be found in this amazingly not organised page.

  • (diy) Here is an old article I wrote on how to rewire an old digital joystick (link to pdf file taken from the old incarnation of this site).
  • (dev) Looking for a freeware VB6 alternative programming language, that can create platform independent executables? Jabaco may be what you are looking for.
  • (dev) thinBasic is an interesting, actively developed, quite powerful and moderately easy to use freeware Basic-like programming environment for Windows.
  • (play) Ready to test your mathematic problem solving skills? Check-out Project Euler.
  • (dev) Interested in making computer games? I suggest you took a look at Allegro. Better still, check out allegro.cc, which is a more visitor-friendly resource. If, on the other hand, C/C++ isn't your cup of tea, Game Maker can be a nice start as well.
  • (play) If you were around at the age of 16-bit computers, namely Amiga and Atari ST, chances are you know about the legendary Kick Off 2, probably the best football game ever. Kick Off Gathering is the place were lovers of the game lurk and organise tournaments on original hardware even today, almost 20 years later! If you get there, don't forget to checkout KOASI.
  • (dev) NeHe Productions is considered by almost everyone as THE place to learn OpenGL. Full of tutorials and great OpenGL source code for a variety of languages.
  • (diy) Benjamin J. Heckendorn specializes in building portable versions of game consoles (PS1, SNES, Atari VCS etc), displaying remarkable technical skill and interesting writing as well.
  • (gen) Oyonale is a place where computer graphics meet art. Visit this page to find out what is possible with the Persistance of Vision raytracer.
  • (soft) Kikizas.net is probably the only big and comprehensible Greek site suggesting good free programs for Windows. Regularly updated. Greek / English interface.