Logi.net for your Pocket PC - an overview

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The Project

Welcome to the home of Logi.net, a freeware expense management application for Pocket PC that allows everyone to easily track and analyse all their expenses.

Why The Name Logi?

Logi comes from the Greek word "Logistis" ("Λογιστής"), which means "accountant". It sounded nice to me when I first used it for the first version of Logi, back in 2004.

News (Mar 12, 2007)

A new version (1.5) has been released. It contains minor fixes/enhancements, the most important being that the 'notes' field is now exported along with the other expense data, as has been suggested by some users.

News (Nov 10, 2006)

A new bugfixing vversion (1.4a) has been released. It also contains a visual enhancement to the popup calculator

News (Nov 9, 2006)

A new version (1.4), mainly to fix some last minute bugs, has been released. A bug introduced in v1.3, which prevented data editing, has been corrected, as well as a bug which prevented the popup calculator from correctly handling decimal values.

News (Nov 2, 2006)

An updated version of Logi (v1.3) has been released and can be found in the downloads section. The required libraries have been reduced by one (OpenNet CF is no longer needed), a new popup calculator to speed up data input has been added, a notes field, by request, has also been added and various smaller changes have been made.

A few notes...

I always thought that expense management is one basic usage of a PDA. My first PDA, a Casio PVS-450 Pocket Viewer, had a very well thought out built-in expense tracking application, which I found very useful.

Later on, I found out that the much more expensive and presumably sophisticated Pocket PC and Palm PDA offerings had no such built-in application, or the one they had was quite poor. So, I went on to make Logi, based on the Casio application that has worked so well for me.

The first verion of Logi came out in 2004 and it was made for the PDA I had at that time, a Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager. I did also make a Pocket PC port, but since I didn't use one, I never tested it out. You can find both of these versions at my home page.

When I obtained a Pocket PC 2003 device, I decided to code a new, more capable version of Logi, using the .net Compact Framework. So, Logi.net was born. I am using it everyday and I believe that it's a quite capable and useful application, therefore I decided to release it to the public.

Logi.net is a complete expense tracking system, comprised of a PDA application, used to record expenses, and a companion PC application to facilitate backing up of data and expense report viewing.

Logi.net is available for free. If however you do find it useful and you use it, I will appreciate a small donation of 10 Dollars or whatever you may think that the app is worth. If you do decide to donate, use PayPal to do so. I have placed a PayPal link below for your (mine?) convenience.