a little bit of nothing...

Is this... the end?


Version: v1.8a
Date: 06 June, 2002
Platform: Windows


A game written in C / Allegro and inspired by Galaga and other similar classics. Apart from the cosmetic changes (like particle explosions, raytraced backgrounds, lighting effects etc), I tried to enhance the gameplay by making the aliens smarter. Thus, most enemy ships try to avoid your shots and generally do not follow preset movement patterns. However, each alien type has a certain weakness, and the player has to study their behaviour, to recognize this weakness, in order to fight the aliens effectively.

"Is this... the end?" has been originally made for a gaming competition that was never finished. It has received some nice reviews and looking back at it, I think that it's one of the good games in its genre. Feel free to play it and if you are interested in making the game better, download the source code and start coding!



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