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Logi for Windows Phone


Version: v1.9.0
Date: 25 April, 2015
Platform: Windows Phone 8


After its travels in the various flavors of Windows CE, Logi has been reborn for Windows Phone 8. It is still a streamlined expense management application built for fast user input, but this time it uses a Metro UI, making things much more smooth and user friendly. Logi for Windows Phone 8 allows unlimited expense and payment categories, features Greek and English interface localizations, has quick user-customised expense reports and charts, sports a nice powerful data-filtering tool, and can even show your expenses on a map (but respects your location privacy, allowing you to disable location recording). As its predecessors, Logi for Windows Phone is free.

As all Windows Phone applications, Logi can be found at the Store: Click here to get it.

Additionally, you can show your love at its Facebook page.

Here you can check out a video of an older version of Logi in action:

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