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Version: v1.2
Date: 21 January, 2002
Platform: PPC/WM


Logi is an expense tracking application that runs on Pocket PCs and on the Casio BE-300 PDA. In principle it is based on the expense tracking application built-in the Casio PVS-450 Pocket Viewer. It allows 15 user-defined expense categories, 15 user defined payment-categories and it can report expenses on a specific date-range grouped by expense or payment type.

The download link is for the ARM version. There are also versions for SH3 and MIPS PDAs, and there is also a version for the Casio BE300 PDA, for which the program was initially made. I have used the BE300 version extensively, but the Pocket PC versions haven't received enough checking. Note that if you have a Pocket PC 2003 device, you'll need the eVB runtimes from Microsoft's site to get Logi working on your device.



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