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Version: v1.01
Date: 10 September, 2004
Platform: Windows


Equilib can be described as a space recing game. The main idea of the game is to guide your spaceship through a long horizontally scrolling level, avoiding all dangers that await. The twist is that the ship is influenced by gravity and you can only control its speed and upwards thrust, so it really requires very skillful handling.

Equilib is inspired by Urthworm, a freeware gem that you can find here. It has been coded to give a very retro feel, with heavy use of particle effects and tile graphics "borrowed" from various classics. It is written in C/Allegro, using Relo (IDE), Mappy (Map Editor), DUMB (audio engine) and Super2XSai (2D filtering library).

To read the documentation online, go here.



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