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Version: v1.0
Date: 04 January, 2001
Platform: Windows


E-chaos is a program that converts text between Greek and "Greeklish". For those who do not know, Greeklish is an inventive way to write greek using latin letters. Lack of support for greek characters has made Greeklish quite popular for some time, especially in e-mail and IRC. Today, greek support is embedded (or added externally) in most operating systems and thus Greeklish is not used as extensively. E-Chaos can convert from Greek to Greeklish and vice-versa. It supports the Windows clipboard and the interface language is selectable, between Greek and English. It is written using Rapid-Q.

Note: some antivirus utilities report Rapid-Q executables as infected, while others, like Norton Antivirus, do not complain. Apparently there is no virus at all, but probably a conflict with the way Rapid-Q compiles its output. I never had any problems in my computers developing and running Rapid-Q programs, nor had anybody else. I certainly won't accept any responsibility if something bad happens, but I find it highly unlikely.



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