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Version: v1.5
Date: 23 May, 2015
Platform: Windows Phone 8.1


Calculicious is a game of speed, maths and cognitive skills for your Windows Phone device.

You know how much 6 + 4 is. What about six plus four? Or 6 + four? How much should you add to 6 to get a sum of ten? And, can you reply fast? Very fast? Even in a different language? And, in the end, can you be faster than everybody else in the world? If yes, congratulations, you are a good candidate for Calculicious.

Calculicious supports three game languages (english, spanish, greek), its UI respects your phone theme preferences, sports 10 trophies waiting to be won, has online leaderboards and will offer a fun challenge for lovers of maths.

Calculicious can be found at the Windows Store and, now, it also has its own web page!

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