Features of Logi.NET

Logi.NET has been built mainly to satisfy my personal needs from an expense management application. Therefore, I tried to make it as easy to use, powerful, fast and stable as I could. Here are its features:

  • Logically arranged and user-friendly interface: When the app loads, the data entry screen appears. Using drop down menus, the user can select the date, the expense type, the payment type and the amount of money spent. The current date is always preselected. Navigation between the application screens can be done using tabs or the menu. The on-screen keyboard never covers the data input fields.
  • An unlimited number of expense types (e.g. mileage, entertainment, lunch etc) can be defined.
  • Additionaly, an unlimited number of payment types (e.g. cash, VISA, Mastercard etc) can be defined.
  • Expense records can be easily edited and/or deleted.
  • Expense reports, grouped by expense types or payment types, on user-defined time periods, can be easilly created.
  • Expense data can be exported as HTML or XML files.
  • The user interface can be displayed in English (default) or in Greek.
  • Data security: The system uses Sql Server CE to store the expense records. Database backups can be easilly created, either manually or using Logi Companion (see next).
  • Companion application: Logi.NET can be paired with Logi Companion, a PC application that can be used to backup and restore the expense records database and to read the expense data, either directly from the PDA or from an exported XML file on the PC, and display expense reports.