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What are the requirements to run has been successfully tested on Pocket PC (HP Jornada 547), Pocket PC 2002 (Symbol PDT 8146) and Pocket PC 2003 devices (Yakumo Delta 300 GPS 2L). It requires .net Compact Framework (preinstalled in ROM for some devices) and SQL Server CE 2.0 to run. All these are available at the download page.

How do I install the application?
The easiest way is to download the full package (See the download page) and decompress ("unzip") it. Run the included SetupCE.exe. Make sure that your PDA is connected through ActiveSync to your PC and click on the "setup" button to initiate the process. If you know that some of the required components are already installed on your PDA, uncheck the relevant modules (but even if you don't, no harm will be done on your PDA).

I tried the installer, but I still can't get the application to install on my PDA.
I don't know why you are out of luck with the installer, but you can easilly install the application manually on your PDA. Decompress the downlaoded archive and navigate to the libraries folder. Copy all the files there to your PDA using ActiveSync. When all the files have been transferred, grab your PDA, locate the files and tap on each using your stylus. This will trigger the file installation. Install all the files in order and - presto - you are ready.

I have the additional libraries and I'm only interested in downloading the application only.
No problem. You can download the main program only from the download page. Decompress it, copy the included .cab file to your PDA and tap on the file to install it.

Can run on Windows Mobile 5 devices?
I don't have a WM5 PDA, but I've been told by users that the app runs fine. Since others have had problems installing it, I will quote the instructions given on a greek forum ( by member Muck Smith:
It runs perfectly on my HP iPaq 2790 (wm5). You need to download the full package and opt to install everything. The .net compact framework and the accompanying sql files must be installed on main memory. Before installation, check the free space! When your are prompted to restart, don't opt to do it later and don't click on "ok" on the message box appearing on your PC screen, until the PDA is reconnected through ActiveSync. When it is reconnected, click on "ok" to continue the installation.

Frequenty asked questions about Logi Companion

What are the requirements to run Logi Companion?
Logi Companion requires the a .net Framework 2.0. You can find it in Microsoft's Windows Update, as well as in many magazine cover disks.

Whenever I try to read the expense data from my PDA, I get an error message.
There might be various reasons for this. Make sure that your PDA is connected to the PC using ActiveSync. Also, make sure that the PDA application is configured to automatically export expense data on exit (this option can be found in the Options tab) and that the path where the PDA application is installed is correctly set in the PC application options. If you can't get it work no matter what, try to copy the expdata.xml file, which should be found in the installation path of on the PDA, to your PC and then use the "Read from disk" command on Logi Companion to read it.

Data reading, either directly from the PDA or from a file on my PC, fails.
One reason causing this is the different regional settings on the PC and on the PDA. In paticular, if the date format is different between the two (e.g. the PC has Greek regional settings and the PDA U.S. ones), data reading will most probably fail.

The data read from the PDA are out of date
Make sure that the PDA application is configured to automatically export expense data on exit (this option can be found in the Options tab). If this option is enabled, data will be saved automatically on exit. Therefore, always make sure that the PDA application has exited before trying to read expense data using Logi Companion.